Jewellery Care

Cutiefy delivers stunning jewelry and they are as valuable as you. Taking care of your jewelry should be essential!

Here are the 6 Tips to take care of your adorable jewelry.

  1. To keep your jewelry safe, always store your jewelry in a Ziplock bag or a box to never let your jewelry lose the sparkle.
  2. Avoid using perfumes, strong chemicals, or soaps directly as they contain harsh chemicals or can be dangerous for your jewelry so limit your contact with harsh stuff.
  3. Avoid going for a shower or swimming with your precious jewelry because it can lead to a lack of glint.  
  4. To clean your jewelry, you can use a   clean cloth dipped in warm water and  gently clean your jewelry, pat dry with  a smooth cloth and you're good to go!
  5. Always remove your jewelry before going for physical activity.


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